Friday, 20 March 2015


Fear is a very big emotion. It can stop you from living your life the way that you want to and it can make your life a misery. I like many people have a lot of fears, fears that can consume my life and make even the best of days the worst. They can play on your mind and keep you up all night. So what do you fear you may ask? 

  • I fear commitment. Having someone rely on you and fearing their disappointment if you can't meet their standards. 

  • I fear love. Love can make you do crazy things, and it can obscure your judgement. I fear what it can do to other relationships in your life. 

  • I fear the death of family members, I fear the death of my mother. My mum is by best friend, she made me who I am today. A day without her, knowing that she might not be there makes me so so so sad, its almost unbearable to think about. 

  • I'm fearful of rejection. I'm fearful I will try with people and they will turn their backs on me.

  • I fear change, and knowing that everyday people are changing, what happens today will never happen again and what has happened in the past will never return. 

  • I'm scared of loneliness. I'm scared that I'll never find that one love and that my friends will one day desert me.

  • I fear the future, how unpredictable it can be. 
I fear fear itself. 


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